Demonstrator Functions-Select 'List Box' or 'Track Diagram.'
1. When the applet initializes, the function is set to show signal rules by the enabled Dropdown List Box. Select a rule to display the Signal Name and Signal Indication. The lineside signal's appearence will be displayed in the Signal Window. All NORAC rules will be displayed with either 2 or 3 head color light signals. Flashing Aspects will flash in the graphic. The Viewer Function Radio Buttons toggle between List Box and Track Diagram operation. Re-click signal icon after a route change to assure correct signal is displayed in the window.

2. Selecting Track Diagram activates the Main Route, Diverging Route and No Route Radio Buttons and deactivates the List Box. Route buttons light the block segments and signal icons. Mouse over and click on block segments to 'occupy' the block. Occupied block will turn red. Re-click the segment to 'un-occupy' the block. Mouse over and click signal icon to select signal to be displayed in the Signal Window. A red carrot will identify the location of the signal displayed. Change the block and/or signal to demonstrate the effect of occupied blocks on signal aspects. The Signal Rule, Name and Indication will appear in the boxes. The Main Route scenario is a stretch of track with automatic signals and one interlocking signal using 4 approach aspects, utilizing Limited Speed rules. The Diverging Route scenario allows the selection of Limited, Medium, and Slow Speed rules. Normally, a system like this would use approach lighting. NoRoute resets the panel and darkens the signals.

Copyright ©1999, Henry J Sundermeyer