Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines

Winslow Interlocking and Block Station-ca.1966

9 Levers for 13 switches
10 Levers for 23 Signals
2 Levers for check
21 Working Levers
4 Spare Levers
2 Spare Spaces

27 Lever Frame
All Signals are Position Light Except R-240 and R-241 which are Color Light.
All Switches are Electro-Pneumatic Style A-5
Code Circuits in Effect for Normal Direction of Traffic on Camden to Atlantic and as Indicated on Cape May Branch & Clementon Route.
Signal ID numbers are mouse sensitive. Red ID numbers represent interlocking Home signals and their corresponding lever in the tower. Yellow ID numbers represent approach or"Distant" signals. Green ID numbers indicate automatic block signals. Block signals are generally approach lighted: A train entering the block energizes the signal at its exit. For the purpose of this demo, signals are all lighted.

The drop box selects several routes through the interlocking. No route will display stop for all home signals. After selecting a route, a green line will indicate the track route through the interlocking, click on a signal to see the aspect displayed at various location. Signal name and indication will appear in the text areas. A map of the interlocking may be found at this