Fallen Flag Railroads of New Jersey

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad:
The Baltimore and Ohio trackage in New Jersey consisted of a 5.5 mile segment, which ran from Cranford Jct. on the Central Railroad of New Jersey to Arthur Kill and on to Staten Island, NY. B&O trains reached this isolated property by trackage rights over the Reading Co. from Philadelphia, PA, to Bound Brook, NJ, then CNJ to Cranford Jct. The Lehigh Valley RR also maintained an interchange with SIRT at Cranford. Though strictly a freight operation in New Jersey, SIRT ran an urban style passenger rapid transit system on Staten Island which exists today under New York City's MTA

Statan Island Rapid Transit Track Profile (circa 1960) 

Cranford Jct. to Arthur Kill 

Color Position Light Signals ca. 1954

Rules and Aspects Viewer(JAVA enabled browsers) 

Central Railroad of New Jersey:

Delaware Lackawanna & Western:

Track Profiles and Schedules(circa 1950) 


Color Light Signals: 

Signal Aspects (HTML)

1925 Color Light Signal Rules Viewer (JAVA enabled browsers) 

Erie Railroad:

New York Division Track Profiles (circa 1960) 

Map Index 

Rules of the Signal Department: 

Erie Rules for Searchlight and Semaphore Signals(JAVA enabled browsers) 

Erie-Lackawanna Railroad:

    • New Jersey Route Map
Mainline(Oct. 30, 1960)
NY-Chicago 270KB ( First post-merger schedule.)

Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Washington:

Equipment Consist Tables

N.J. Suburban: Former Erie Lines (April 30, 1961)

Lehigh and Hudson River Railway:

1923 Official Railway Guide Schedules and System Map

Lehigh and New England Railroad:

1923 Official Railway Guide Schedules

Lehigh Valley Railroad:

Track Profiles and Schedules:

New York Central Railroad:

River Division Map

Passenger Schedules

River Division Public Timetable 10/26/58

Rules of the Operating Department: September 26,1937

River Division Employee Timetable

New York, Ontario & Western:

Though the New York, Ontario & Western Railway had no owned trackage in the State of New Jersey, the railroad did have track rights into the state via the New York Central's River Division from Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY to the NYC's West Shore Terminal in Weehawken. (See "Waterfront Terminals" Map below.)

System Map (216KB)

Vertical Alignment Map

1923 Official Railway Guide Schedules (382KB)
1933 Summer Public Timetable (253KB)
1939 Employee Timetable #59

Lower Quadrant Semaphore Signal Rules

New York, Susquehanna and Western

New York Suburban District Map (150KB)

Pennslyvania Railroad:

1963 New York Division Track Profiles. 

Pennslyvania Reading Seashore Lines:

1963 System with Interlocking Maps. 

Reading Company:

Reading System Map 

Topographic Maps:

  • Geography and Engineering:
  • Abandoned Lines:
    • Map 1: Rahway Valley Railroad(750K)

General Maps:

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